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Lazy Decorators Guide To Quick Decor

Written by Annita Emerson


Posted on February 05 2020

I’m going to be brutally honest here — I envy the people who decorate every single holiday. I’d love to be that person! But honestly, the only holiday I go ‘all out’ on, is Christmas. Hence my nickname, “Lazy Decorator”. 
Christmas is an easy holiday to decorate for because I can set everything up right after Thanksgiving and keep it up well into January. And I’m not ashamed to say that some years, the lights, ornaments, tree, stockings, and other decorations stay up until early February! 
Yet, I’m willing to make a change this year. I’m committed to becoming a better decorator and enjoying the process along the way. 
If you also want to make a change and decorate your home throughout the year, then read along to learn about these easy and budget-friendly decor tips.
Outdoor Areas
Let’s start with your front door and porch. You don’t have to spend much money here. For instance, to make your home more welcoming for yourself and visitors, hang up a wreath that you can redecorate with the change in seasons. 
Another option is putting up a board sign that says ‘Welcome’. It can be as simple as that, you don’t have to overthink or over complicate it. Remember, decorating should be fun! You need only pop over to Pinterest and get some inspiration. 
Now for the area outside your front door. If you have a table and chair set, or bench seat, place a few festive pillows on them that match the colors of the season. Then, you can place a decorated serving tray on the table along with some flowers or greenery. 
If you don’t have much space outside your front door, you can always pot a few plants in hand-painted pottery and sit them out front. Adding components that are alive, like plants and flowers, help freshen up an area, and make you feel more connected to nature. 
Indoor Spaces
One of the main reasons we decorate is to make our homes feel more inviting. So, think about the rooms you invite people into, like the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Add a feature design element to each of these rooms. Ideally, the piece you add will be the first thing they see when entering the room.
Also, think about bringing some character to your dining table. This is the final place that you can decorate. If you’re like me and don’t want to spend a ton of money every holiday for decorations, here’s an easy trick.

Buy a used or vintage serving tray and decorate it any way you like. It adds interest, color, and makes your table feel bright and cheery. Plus, when you have a tray sitting in the middle of your table, you don’t need to put out coordinated place settings.  The one bellow is from vintagefarmfinds, I love that  she has made hers functional. 

Finally, here are a few things you should have in your ‘decor kit’ that can make the entire decorating process easy and enjoyable. Here are a few of my favorites suggestions.
5 Must-Have Items When You’re a Lazy Decorator
  • Tiered and single layer trays
  • Candlesticks because they make great fillers and can add height when needed
  • Old books for stacking
  • Live or fake greenery
  • Container pitchers, creamers, vases, etc.
Once you’ve gathered those items, you now have the basics of a great vignette. The rest you can fill in when the time or mood calls for it.  
Here is my first stab at it: 
Happy lazy decorating :)



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